Disney Trading Pins 750 Piece Puzzle - Finished - January 2021

 Just two days ago, I posted my latest progress photo of this 750 piece Disney Parks collectible pin jigsaw puzzle that I had - to that point - been working on for two weeks.  Today, I can say that I've completed my third Winter COVID puzzle.  See below for the full reveal:

First was a 300 piece Christmas puzzle.   I didn't take any photos of it, unfortunately.

Second was a 1000 piece Harry Potter book cover puzzle that I did over break.

And third, is this Disney Parks pin puzzle.  

This one is pretty disorienting.  It was hard to train my eyes to review the back of the box for the actual image because with so much going on, it was VERY natural for my eyes to just kind of wander around.  

Up next is the Kodak one that you see at the top of the photo.  Yeah...Kodak.  Weird, right?  They went from cameras and film to, umm, puzzles?  Must be a licensing deal.  Well, that was a gift and is of backyard birds at a feeder, so it will be quite appropriate for putting together on the porch.


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