Google Maps 2020 Timeline - Pandemic Edition

Just a couple of days ago, I posted an update on my Google Local Guides status with one of my photos (of Dogpatch in Naperville) hitting 6M views.  Like all of you with your location history turned on, Google also sent me a note showing my annual timeline.  And, 2020 was certainly different.  And my location history tells the story.  (Thanks, COVID.)

Normally, Google Maps will show all the trips you have taken in a year.  In 2020, I made it to five states (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan), but that Minneapolis trip took place pre-pandemic.  The rest of those trips were from March --> December.  We didn't go very far from home.

Here is something pretty striking.  My visits broken down by Shopping and Restaurants.  Big cliff in March:

My time on mass transit went to ZERO after March:

Part of the report from Google shows some of the places that you went -and calls them "highlights".  Interesting to see that ALL FIVE of my Places highlighted were parks/outdoors.  Places where we went for a walk.  


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