More Bar Pie Progress - April 2021

We are right in the midst of gardening season and that (usually) means that pizza season begins to head towards a downswing.  But, that doesn't mean that I haven't made some real progress with my bar pizza work.  Back a month ago (beginning of March), I posted how I was able to achieve some of the pockmarking that I was after and today I'm sharing a couple more progress photos.  I'm happy with the way this basic cheese came out, but I used a little bit too much traditional cheddar (didn't have white) around the ring.

In the month of March, I also started to take my bar pizza act on the road and baked off a couple of road pies including this pepperoni 12-incher that was (maybe??) the best bar pie that I've made to date.

It was (below) crispy and well done and the undercarriage showed the right bit of char/doneness while the top came along just about where I want the final product.  Of note, the oven I used for this one has NO convection function, but does go to 550 degrees - which is 50 degrees higher than our home oven.

I went with a 50g cheddar ring and a 200g center blend of two cheeses.  This also was made on a Thursday am, had a 24 hour bulk cold ferment in the fridge, balled up the next morning and had a 48 hour cold, ball ferment.  Which, I think was just about perfect.  That means...if I want Friday pies, I should think about moving my dough making up to Wednesday morning.


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