Spring Compost Bin Compaction - May 2021

The last time that I posted about our compost bins was back in October when I showed it about 3/4's of the way full with the season's leaves and a little bit of grass clippings.  By the time the snow fell last Winter, I had stuffed the primary bin to the VERY TOP and filled the second one most of the way.   Today, posting a view of the bins as they sit right now - having compacted over Winter.  First, the primary bin - this one is back down to about 3/4's full.  It has had a full Winter of snow pushing down on it.  This bin also has passive aeration down at the bottom.  It will need a turn in the next few weeks then I'll add some fuel to try to get it cooking this Summer.

Here, below, shows the second bin.  This one was full of (exclusively) leaves last Fall.  I've thrown all of my early Spring cleanup in there.  And, I'll use this bin as the 'turn' portion - when I fork out all of the contents of the main bin, I'll put them in this secondary one.  The goal being to put everything in one and start the second bin to collect this season's stuff while the primary 'cooks' all Summer.


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