London Planetree - Winter Tree Bud Series - December 2021

Yesterday, I posted a terminal bud of our small Harry Lauder Walkingstick tree and talked about how Rutherford Platt was fascinated by tree buds and said they were as varied as jewels.  The next up in my [Winter tree buds] series is a revisit to where I started (last year) with the London Planetree that I planted in 2020.  Here's last year's post showing the buds.  Below, you can see some other looks at the buds including terminal and lateral buds.  They're pointy and red.  And look good for this time of year, don't they?

This tree has been (somewhat) temperamental.  It reacts poorly if it is neglected in any way, but then responds really well when water is given to it in any way.  You could say that it is both needy and resilient.  It is planted in the back of the yard and is in a gap in between the scrub shrub and the largest tree we have - the hackberry tree that is covered in galls every Summer.   It will provide a lot of shade for future families, but for us?  It isn't much of a tree at this point.  I'll get out and do a caliper reading of all the trees this Winter - that's overdue.  

Here's a look at my 2021 Winter Tree Bud Series:

1. The tiny Ginko Biloba tree set buds, but I'm unsure if it will survive.
2. Our small Harry Lauder Walkingstick tree has green, egg-shaped terminal buds.
3. One of our London Planetrees - the largest - has red, pointy buds that were set late this Fall.


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