More Christmas Tree Tracking - Tree Costs 2021

I've mentioned that we've now traveled up to Wisconsin the past couple of years to cut down Christmas trees after the place we had been going down in Braidwood stopped being fun.  The farm is called Evergreen Acres and they opened in 1975.  It is a great place.  We bought both of our trees there this year - Family Room and Green Room trees.   When you check out of Evergreen Acres, they give you a little business card that serves as your receipt.  If you know me at all, you know that I'm likely to complain about the costs of things.  I'm pretty sure I live in a fantasy world where I think things and services should cost way less than they should.  We've been looking for a fridge for our basement for a year.  I have a certain price in my mind that I want to hit - in order to buy a fridge.  And, we have a particular format (French door, if you must know) that we (I) want.  I've shopped it.  And shopped it.  And, haven't found anything close to the price that I *want* to pay.  The cheapest that I've come across - in the scratch and dent section - is still a few hundred dollars more than "my price".  

Which brings me back to Christmas trees.  In my mind, when we started going to cut down trees with Nat's family (that was NEW to me, btw.  We always had fake trees in my house.), I could have sworn we paid $30 per tree plus $5 to shake/bale it.  $35 on the rack of our car.  Back in those days, we were buying just one tree.  

This year, I was surprised at the costs of the trees.  Now...let me say this very clearly:  the trees at Evergreen Acres are REALLY great.  They shape them.  They tend to the field.  And make the process nice. They even will strap them to the top of your van for free (they take tips).  So, this isn't a knock/criticism of the farm.  In fact, I'm guessing that since they're up in Wisconsin, their prices are quite far compared to going to Wannemaker's or Fuller's in Hinsdale.  

But, I thought I should start tracking the price of trees.  I've tracked the type and location and photos of the trees over the years.  Maybe I won't be so taken aback next year when I pay for our two trees now that I've documented what I paid this year.  

Which...leads me to the photo below.  You can see that we paid $75 each tree.  That includes a shake and bale (for each tree).  Those are services are $5 combined for each tree - leaving a $70 per tree cost if you were just cut down, drag out your tree and take it home.

Again...if you are looking for a nice trip, go to Evergreen Acres.  You won't be disappointed in the trees.  You can't pick a bad one up there.  


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