A Visit to White River County Park - January 2022

The largest park in Walworth County that runs a few hundred acres and gives visitors the ability to get down close to the White River during all seasons.  On this recent Winter visit, the River was a mix of frozen and moving.  I visited (and posted) about this very park last year in mid-January.  

If you get off the main trail a bit, you can get down to enjoy the sights and sounds.  This visit was a reminder about being 'present'.  Spend a few minutes listening to the running river and you can forget about whatever is on your mind - both past and future.  And just be present. 

Jimmy V's famous speech talked about doing three things everyday:  "Number one is laugh. Number two is think -- spend some time time in thought. Number three, you should have your emotions move you to tears."

This sure feels like a spot to do #2:  spend some time in thought.  Our visit to Walworth County feels like a good reminder to do all three everyday.  Or try to.  Then, you'll have 'a full day'.  What a guy.  What a speech. 


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