Consul License Plate - Decoding Via Quartz - February 2022

We were out and about when I parked the van next to a normal-looking car.  But, the license plate was anything *but* normal-looking.  It was a diplomatic license plate.  What do I mean?  Instead of having a state listed on it, it instead read: CONSUL.  And had a seal in the top left from the US Department of State.  Here is a photo of it below.  

Note...I'm posting a photo of a license plate that I normally would blur out, but since the photo doesn't show the vehicle, nor am I stating the location, I feel pretty good about sharing this photo. 

Kinda cool, right?  I went online to figure out what the story is/was with the plate and I turned up at this tool from Quartz:  a Diplomatic License Plate Decoder.  Pop in the plate number and you discover this is from a Japanese diplomat.  And...based on the location, that *totally* makes sense.

From Quartz's tool:

I learned something today.  What do they say?  Get smarter everyday.  Done and done.


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