My First Canna - Bronze Peach Planted In Ground - July 2022

It isn't much, but I'm going to allow it.  Allow what?  Allow myself credit for planting a (new to me) tropical in the landscape.  That means checking the box on #14 of my 2022 to-do list:  Expand my use of tropicals and sub-tropicals in the garden.  Historically, I've only utilized Elephant Ear bulbs as tropicals in my containers and a few in the ground.  This year, I wiffed on those (indeed a miss), but I did recently plant a tropical in the garden - in one of the beds.  

Below, you can see the lone Canna - Canova Bronze Peach - that I planted in the backyard in a spot that is visible from the patio and kitchen windows.  I was at the orange big box nursery last week picking up a few other annuals for our front yard and back patio and I just took a shot with this peachy canna.  

I'm thinking that I should have done a few more of these?  One seems like it isn't enough - and it is a direct violation of one of the gardening 'mistakes' that we've talked about.  

Monrovia has this listing for the Bronze Peach here.  I put this in a spot that gets a lot of sun, but not necessarily FULL SUN as there's a bunch of early morning and late afternoon shade.  We'll see how it goes, but I'd like to see if this is a spot for even more tropicals next season. 


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