My Biggest Elephant Ear Leaf - Colocasia esculenta - Container Grown - August 2021

Back in Spring, I planted a bunch of Colocasia esculenta corns in containers and even one in the patio-adjacent bed in our backyard.  I've grown them a number of times and I like the tropical vibe they lend to some of our larger containers.  Here's some from 2018Some from 2019.  I've also remarked about their trippy, almost hallucinogenic pattern on the top-side of the leaves.  

This year, I think I've grown my largest plant that I've ever had in our containers.  Below, you can see the size of one of the leaves - my hand for reference.  Note:  I don't have tiny hands like our former president.  I *think* mine are normal. 

I have to do more reading up on tropicals (and sub-tropicals) in containers - because every time I use one like these, I like it in our patio containers.  More to come on that - and something that I think I should put on my 2022 to-do list:  using more tropicals and sub-tropicals in my garden.


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