Moneywort - Creeping Jenny Ground Cover - August 2022

It seems that I've stumbled across a groundcover that works for me in areas of deep shade and places that I'll neglect.  That's the situation on the north side of our house - along the gravel path.  I have never watered this area.  But, I stuck a Creeping Jenny Moneywort out there after I dug it out of our Front Porch Container and it has...ummm...taken.

Last October, I showed a photo of this ground cover and it was just getting started here.  What's it look like today?  See below for how it has spread out and is thriving:

I like how it is spilling out onto the path.  And how it has filled in a huge section of this long, linear bed.    

With this kind of growth, you have to wonder if this is an invasive, right?  University of Wisconsin says that it isn't.  But...I'm not sure.  Despite adding some ground cover being one of my 2022 to-do items, I'm not going to fly out and buy a bunch of plugs of this stuff.  At least...not yet.  But, this passage makes me wonder if I can find some spots for it work.  From that same UW post:

Use golden creeping Jenny carefully, to be sure it will not escape from cultivation or crowd out other plants in the garden. It makes a nice groundcover with tulips and daffodils, filling in the space once the bulbs’ leaves die back for the season. But it can overgrow other short plants, so situate it appropriately. It makes a nice underplanting beneath roses or other shrubs and around daylilies, ferns and tall perennials.


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