More Autumn Ferns For Fall Planting - October 2022

Yesterday, I posted some photos of a six new (but small) Autumn Ferns that I planted in our backyard as part of my Fall planting program.  In that post, I talked about how I've been really impressed with the first three Autumn Ferns that I planted in 2021 and knew I wanted to add even more.  I've long expressed my strong relationship with perennial ferns and how they're my favorite plant in the garden.  That love of ferns started with Ostrich Ferns, but of late, has shifted away from them as I've found new, better, more interesting shade garden partners.  And ones that don't deteriorate in August and September.  

One of my 2022 to-do list items was to plant more four-season plants (#2) and Autumn Ferns were (at least last year) showing up strong deep into the Winter.  As of yesterday, I had nine Autumn Ferns planted - 3 in 2021 and now six in 2022.  But, I was back at the Orange Big Box store and I found even more of the 50% off Autumn Ferns - or Erythrosora fern.  

And, I bought twelve more.   Twelve.  That puts us at 12 new ones this year and 15 total.  

I'm thinking of planting these twelve in front of the Hicks Yews hedge in the back - between the firepit border and the trampoline.   Or, over on the southside in what I was calling Priority Area #1 last year - the spot where I put three yesterday.


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