Climbing Hydrangea Aerial Roots - First Year - August 2023

100-or-so days after planting a 5-gallon Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiolaris) back by the firepit, we're seeing some real upwards leader growth.  Or...what I plantsmen call "aerial rootlets".  We have this climbing, flowering vine going up a Hackberry tree and the R O U G H bark sure seems to be helpful in giving those aerial roots something to grab on-to.

See below for the current mid-Summer form of our Climbing Hydrangea: 

There are a few, sparse blooms on it this year, too.  So, that's kinda nice, right?  

I'm hoping that this will wrap around (and not injure) the tree, so that it can be viewed from all angles.

This also has me wondering:  where else could I plant one?  I've long talked about espalier'd trees along the garage, but maybe this is a better answer there, too?  Or...what about both?

Last year, I saw one of these at 50% off the end-of-year sale at the Growing Place.  I'll have to pop back over there again this year. 


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