Climbing Hydrangea - Planted By Firepit - April 2023

Last year, I started to think about a climbing hydrangea in our garden.   I came across one in two of the places I turn to when I want to get educated:  Hinsdale Nursery and Erin the Impatient GardenerI was sketching out what I wanted to do with the firepit area and included (in my thinking) one that could climb up a Hackberry tree back there.  

Last fall, I found one at The Growing Place - the tag read: Hydrangea anomala petiolaris

I've had vines like these on my mind for a few years, but haven't pulled the trigger.  Until this Spring.  Nat's Mom - who has gifted us a bunch of plants including all of our Disneyland Roses - gifted us a climbing hydrangea.  

I knew it would go back by the firepit.  

#15 on 2023 to-do list was to 'upgrade the firepit area' - so this goes towards helping there. 

Here are a few photos showing the vine below.

When it arrived, it was just starting to come out of dormancy.  

I planted it and it *immediately* took off and leaf'd out.  The small trellis that came in the nursery container is helping it grow up, but as more of the vine tips grow up and out, I'll begin to train them to the tree and fence to get them upwards.


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