One Month After Compost Bin Turning - August 2023

A month ago, I posted the details and photos of my process of emptying, re-mixing/re-layering, amending and re-filling my pair of compost bins in our backyard.  I ended that post showing the (then) state of the bins with a heaping mound on top.  What does it look like today?  Four weeks post-turning?

See below for the two bins in their current - Late-August - state:

At first glance, I would say that the pile has shrunk.  Settled.  Compacted a bit.  But, not A TON.

I had to go back and look to compare.  Here, below is a .gif showing the two photos for a tale-of-the tape.  The larger mound (in the further-away photo) is the before.  

There's certainly shrinkage.  The top of the mound is down.  The right side of the right bin is just about level with the top of the fence.  

But, not nearly enough shrinkage for me to think that I can do anything with my Fall leaves and these bins.  I'm thinking that not a single 2023 Fall leaf will go in these.  There won't be room.  I'm going to need (at least) one more of these no-dig fence panel compost bins to handle the leaves that will start dropping in a month-or-two.  


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