Green Gem Boxwoods - Two Seasons of Growth - October 2023

Planted in late October 2021, the set of three Green Gem Boxwoods planted in the backyard beds have continued to put on some size and seem to have established themselves enough to basically go on auto-pilot from here-on-out.  They were small one gallon plants from the Orange box store that were on the 50% off sale - coming in under $5 a piece.  They're smaller-scale boxwoods and were planted to provide some evergreen structure to a place that is mid-border that is mostly shade.

What do they look like today?  Below is a photo showing the three of them that have filled out and grown quite a bit of mass in their two years:

Green Gem Boxwoods - After Two Years of Growing - 1 Gallon

Compared to just February of this year, they've put on a bunch of growth this season.  Also, a reminder....that these didn't bronze much over last Winter - and is something that I can watch this year.

The Summer Beauty alliums have begun to encroach on them at the top of the photo and the center of the planting is ripe for something to be tucked right in there.  The front of the border is also ready for Ajuga, right? 


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