Tip Your Garbage Man With Beer at Christmas - December 2023

Every year, we've tried to find a way to tip the garbage man (is that what we call him still?) at Christmas.   I've put envelopes taped to the side of the can and done a cash hand-off to the driver, too.  This year, I gave him beer.    I *kinda* know when the truck comes on our block; it is around school-departure time.  So, I was walking in-and-out of the house to peep down the block to see if I could spot him.  Eventually, I heard the unmistakable sound combination of those hydraulics and air brakes that I knew was the garbage man.  

I walked down to the sidewalk and as he approached, I gave him this 12 pack of Modelo.  We exchanged "Merry Christmases" and he went on his way.  

Is this unique?  No, I don't think so.  Is it better than cash?  I'm not sure.  

But, is it something that I'll try to do again next year?  

Yes.  Yes it is. 

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. 


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