Nicotiana Jasmine Seedlings In Cut Flower Bed - June 2024

A month or so ago, I scattered a couple of seed packages of Nicotiana Jasmine in the new cut flower bed on the southside of our house.  Nicotiana seeds are TEENY TINY.  Like, REALLY teeny tiny.  You can't really place the seeds, have to scatter them.   So...that's what I did:  scattered them in the new cut flower bed.  I also tossed in some Zinnia seeds.  Here's a look back at the bed before I planted anything, but soon added some Dahlias, too.  

These Nicotiana alata grandiflora - Jasmine Tobacco - were in seed packets that had a 2022 date on them, so I wasn't sure if they were viable.  Below is the seed packet:

Nicotiana Jasmine Seeds

Looking back at my Google Photos archive, I see that I put these seeds down on May 21st.  Exactly one month ago.  What does the bed look like today?   See below:

Nicotiana Jasmine From Seed Direct Sown After One Month

Those are direct-sown seeds of Nicotiana Jasmine in just four weeks.  Some of them are almost up to my waist.  They're crowding each other - and the Zinnias and Dahlias - out, so I'm going to have to thin some of these out.  I also might try to prune a few back to see if they'll grow more bushy.

They look a bit different than my previous Nicotiana Jasmine - with leaves/foliage much higher on the stalk.  See back here for a post from 2019 showing my previous growing (not from seed) of this plant.  


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