Cherry Nymph Amaryllis - Top Heavy But Flowering

It has been just about a month since the last time I posted photos of our 2019/2020 Winter Amaryllis flowers in bloom.  At that time, the largest bulb - the Cherry Nymph was going strong and was putting on a pretty great (red) show.  The rest of the bulbs were mostly exhausted.  Fast forward to this week and you can see that the Cherry Nymph is STILL going strong - with a set of double blooms.  This late into February.  Pretty great.

You might also note that there's a stick that I stuck into the soil and then used some wire to affix the stem to the stick and keep the bulb from falling over - and the entire pot from flipping over, too.

I didn't use the alcohol mixture on this one and it shows:  it is long, tall and leggy.  And the blooms being SO BIG means that the thin stalk stems can't support the flowers.  Lesson learned:  focus on the alcohol mix all the way through the growing season.

Below you'll see another look at these flowers.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm more of a variegated/bi-color Amaryllis kinda guy.  These red flowers, while striking, aren't my favorite.  I'd rather see some red and white mixed in more like this Star of Holland has from around Christmas.  I think that one was my favorite of the bunch.

Next year, I'll try to remember to get a variety again including another visit of the Star of Holland.  But in addition to thinking about the TYPE of bulbs, I also want to consider using one larger container and planting multiple bulbs in it together in an arrangement of sorts.  Maybe individual pots for the kids and one larger cluster for me?


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