Summer Growth on Emperor 1 Japanese Maple - August 2023

Earlier this Summer, I bought a small, grafted Emperor 1 Japanese Maple from the orange big box store (for $35) and planted it in the border of the kitchen curved bed in our backyard.  I had a previous Emperor 1 and figured that the price was right on this one, so I added it.  That lead to a (pardon the pun) Waterfall of Japanese Maples being planted this season.  The most recent was the high-grafted Inaba Shadire; the sixth JM of the season.  

The small Emperor 1 appears to be doing just fine in the spot where it gets a mix of shade and some early-day sun.  It is out of the sun during the heat of the afternoon, but gets a little bit of early and late morning sun.  

Here, below is what it looks like currently - it has a split set of leaders that I'm leaving as they are (for now):

The reason for this post is not to document the current form ( is *mostly* the exact same shape/form/height) that it was when I put it in), but rather tho share a peek at some new growth.  Below, you'll see a couple of lighter-purple leaves that have emerged on the one of the tips.  I'm taking this as a good sign - that the tree has managed to get through the Summer (so far) and is happy where it is planted.  Below is a look at that new growth:

August is a tricky month in our garden, so I'm already trying to plan to stay ahead of things.  What happens in August?  First...I take my eye off the ball.  Between travel, work, other obligations and...that garden fatigue that creeps in, August becomes a month where bad things can happen.  Then...add in the heat that August brings.  That can be a lethal combination.   I'm going to work on making sure this Emperor 1 Japanese Maple (and everything else) is well-watered-in as we head towards the middle of the month.  I know...that if I can get to post-Labor Day, we're in the best part of the gardening season where the soil temperatures are high, but the air temps are low.  

It is also tree-planting time, right?  Who knows...maybe I'll think about a few more Japanese Maples this Fall.  And...really make 2023 the year of the JM?


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