Sunrise on Lake Elizabeth from Sunset Park - Summer 2020

That photo was taken in the area of what is known as Sunset Beach Park on Elizabeth Lake in Twin Lakes, Wisconsin.  I was out for an early-morning walk and the sky was painted purple and pink.  The Park is located on the West side of Elizabeth Lake ( I call it:  Elizabeth Lake) and has great views of the....ummmm....sunrise. 

The location of the park is mentioned in this article about new playground equipment
Sunset Beach Park is located on the Lake Elizabeth shore, at Sunset Drive east of Lakeshore Way.
Here's an overhead look of the park (the red spot is the playground equipment) from Google Maps:

It is located at the end of Sunset Drive. 

You might be able to tell from that small photo of Google Maps that the lake is, ummm, EAST of Sunset Drive.  And to the EAST of Sunset Beach. 

Here's a zoomed out view that shows you the orientation.  Note the red arrow point up for North.  The yellow circle is the position of the sun as it rises in the mornings.  It comes up OVER the tree line across the lake from...ummm...Sunset Beach Park.  The yellow arrow line is the 'view' of the sun at 'sunrise time' from Sunset Beach.

The purple circle is the location of the sun later in the day at Sunset.  The purple line is the viewing line of said sunset.  From Sunset Beach, one would have to turn around - away from the lake - and try to peer at the setting sun over rooftops and trees.  Not exactly...what I would call a 'view'.

So...what the heck happened?  A developer was too eager to make his new property desireable to buyers and decided to name something it wasn't?  I mean...what is wrong with "Sunrise Park"?  A quick search on the Google machine reveals that there doesn't appear to be a competing 'Sunrise Park' that is located somewhere else.  In fact, there doesn't even really appear to be a Sunrise Street or Sunrise Drive in town.  So, how the heck did this thing get named SO wrong? 

I mean...imagine being invited to Sunset Beach Park...  Something like receiving a text that says:  "Hey, we're heading to Sunset Park.  Wanna meet us there?"  You look at the time and it is 3:30 pm.  You're thinking:  cool...we can head to this place and hang around until the Sunset. 

You get there and you quickly realize: the beach and park are on the West side of the lake.  No sunsets to be had.  You were duped. 

I'm thinking that this aggression WILL NOT STAND.  Just like my personal crusade against Holiday Weekend Weddings, we as a community, need to correct this wrong.  More to come on that soon. 


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