Mid-Century Floor Lamp - Estate Sale Find/One That Got Away

A few weeks back, I stopped at an Estate Sale in south Elmhurst and came across a house that was basically frozen in the 60's and 70's.  They had a lot of interesting furnishings and built-ins, but nothing seemed like a fit for us until I wandered into an upstairs bedroom and saw this lamp.  It is a tall, floorstanding lamp that has a wood (teak, maybe?) base that is made up of three 'prongs' with a bronze/gold rod running up the middle.  The shade, as you can see, has a butterfly scene on it, but it is totally replaceable and appeared to be a standard-size shade that you could easily buy today.  I really liked the base and how the legs give that Mid-Century/Danish/rocket-age look to it.  I also love how the teak blows through the top of the shade.

This was a deal, I think based on this one listing I found that shows a pair of companion table lamps that were listed for $625 for the pair.  They'd be a great grouping put together, right?

Here's a screenshot from ebay of the companion table lamps:

Via this Ebay listing (not my photo)

Anyway...back to the Estate Sale and the floor lamp..  I snapped that photo up above and texted it to Nat to see what she thought.  Our house is decidedly NOT MCM, so her reaction was what I expected:  didn't seem like a fit for us.  So, I passed.  Now that I'm getting around to writing this post?  I have regrets.

But, remember my "Collecting Treasures" mantra, right?  Say it with me:
It is enough to enjoy the existence of things without possessing all of them.
I've now filed this under the tag of 'one that got away' so this can go alongside a few of its brethren of objects I've appreciated and passed on.


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