Corkscrew Willow Tree - Far Backyard Location

More tree posts!  Yeah...just what you were hoping for, right?  Another post about the tree situation at our new place in Downers, but this one is a bit special.  It's because the kids and I went out and picked out this tree just for Natalie.  She wanted a Willow, so we went hunting at Menards and came up with this interesting one:  a Corkscrew Willow.  Salix matsudano 'Tortuosa'.

As a refresher, there's been a bunch of new trees that we're adding/added to the backyard.

And now add this Willow to the mix.  We picked it up at Menards and it was priced to sell.

Listen...I know the reputation of willows.  Dirty, filthy trees.  That don't last long.  Hosts a lot of pests.  All of that.  I get it.  But, Nat wanted one and so I'm putting it in.  ALL.THE.WAY.IN.THE.BACK.  Like, in the area that is as close to the Comed easement as I can get.

When I told the landscaper that I was going to put in this Willow he said:  "Why'd you want to do that?!"

Why?  Because we have the space!

Here's the Corkscrew Willow sitting next to the Dawn Redwood on the driveway:

And here's what it looks like when it is mature.  Has a really pretty cascading weep to it and has the curly leaves that we loved in our Dappled Willow 'tree' at our old place:

Via Missouri Botanical Garden


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