Untan Lunch

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On to the business of the day.....

This Chief stuff is nonsense. I mean....Come on. As a proud grad of the fine University of Illinois, I am proud of the Chief and how he conducts himself. This symbol or as some in the legislature call it "a mascot" is simply not a mascot. When a new car wash opens in Champaign The Chief doesn't go there and do a dance and hand out foam tomahawks. He doesn't do endorsements. In fact, the university does not use his image anywhere to promote anything!

A smart man named Chapin Rose said yesterday, "I think it's a little bit ludicrous to hijack a tier-one university's funding over an athletic symbol."

Right on, Chapin.

Many do not know how revered the Chief is inside the locker room and around campus. I've seen plenty of losing football games at Memorial Stadium and the alumni who sit on the west side rarely stand up (There rarely is anything for them to stand up about), but when the Chief comes out--they go bananas!

When the football team comes in right after the 2nd Quarter, the Chief is standing with arms folded in the corner of the ramp. It is pretty cool. He has 2 state troopers next to him. He goes out and "gets some" as I like to call it, and then when the team is ready to reemerge back onto the field, he is back in the same spot with his arms folded like he never left. Pretty cool, if you ask me.

Also, I believe that the students just had a vote yea or nea on the Chief. It was something like 8K for 2K against. Whatever the numbers... it doesn't matter. There are something like 40K students there. I bet that almost every anti-Chief student made a point of voting, but most pro-chief students were too busy eating tan lunch (fries, chicken fingers, etc...you know...everything is the same color--tan) at the Frat or buying low cut jeans at the mall or cooking ramen noodles on the stove to care about that vote.

Now, now. Don't think Chris Rhodes is insensitive. I'm not. This is just one issue that gets to me.....

There's more to the Chief story and I don't feel like writing about it now....maybe over the weekend.

On a different note, we've been successful at our "Change Starts with you" campaign this week. We've been able to raise $2K in about 3 days. Thank you for all that you do.

What'd everyone think of Lance? I thought he was great. We'll be seeing more of him around here I think. We might get Marc Camp to write a little too. He's been really busy. Yesterday was his birthday. Happy B-Day Marc.


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