California Stars

Where do I begin? Should I start with the new line-up? The venue? Tweedy's Salad?

All of it was amazing. I kinda consider myself a hardened concert-goer. I see a lot of shows and enjoy a lot of stuff, but this was over the top.

I went with my brother-in-law Marc out to Dekalb. We arrived at something like 8ish and headed over this cool bohemian coffee shop on the main drag in DeKalb. (I had a turkey panini and he had a 3 cheese... which to me is just a toasted cheese (or some of you may call them grilled cheese))

Anyway we get there and the security was really tight...... They had a granola girl sitting on a bar stool checking your name off a list. Sweet.

$4.50 24 oz sodas. Which was nice. Otto's is tiny. Tiny stage. Ever been to Mabel's in Champaign? About like that. It was cool. We were near the soundboard and kind of on a riser. Could see everything except when Tweedy went down on his knees for one song....

Well they opened with "ashes of american flags"--which was cool...then went into a buch of new stuff. It all sounded amazing.

At least that's what you said
handshake drugs
wishful thinking

sunken treasure
i'm the man who loves you
poor places
i am trying to break your heart
war on war
Jesus, etc. (which tweedy called "Jesus Christ as an interjection"

Then they jammed a couple of new ones

I'm a wheel
The Late Greats.

Jeff Tweedy talked little, but he did say something like "I've been going through some hard times lately....and I just wanted to say that you guys have been unbelievable"

For you wilco nerds like me, check out more nerd talk here: (LINKY)

I could go on for a while, but alas, you all will get bored and the boss will wonder why this is on here, who Chris Rhodes is, and is anyone reading this?

I'm not going to lie....those are all good questions!



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