I am an American Aquarium Drinker....I assassin down the avenue....

You guys know that I am a Rod guy by default. I mean when you're surrounded by Rod guys all day you tend to wear some rose colored glasses. Some people tend to take him to task (Mr. Miller and Arch ) I am looking in your direction. (Not to mention that pretty funny opinion piece in the Tribune by Rick Pierson.) Anyway....I have to give those guys a little credit for something. Someone over there is at least a little with it if they can do this....

I was watching the Channel 9 news last night and I saw a commercial for Illinois Tourism. Nothing spectacular about the commercial, except the music. That's right, this guy talking about music? Go figure, huh? When the topic of tunes comes up on some dates, that is probably about when the girl tunes out and chalks me up for being a turd. Anyway, on this commercial was "War on War" by Wilco. How cool is that? I know, I know. Commercialism and selling out. Blah Blah Blah. This isnt really commercialism. This is about promoting Illinois. Kudos Guv and Tourism staff for picking Chicago's best band Wilco to highlight what's shaking here in the Land 0 Lincoln. That's one thing that I probably would have never seen with an old stodgy blue hair governor. (not that there is anything wrong with that)...

Speaking of Wilco.....Who's going to see them in DeKalb tomorrow night? (***raises hand*****) This guy. I'll let you know how it went. I am excited. I really dig the new album. Top to bottom it is great. IMO, better than YHF. Some really great rocking numbers.

Now on to the political stuff. Message to Archpundit. Knock it off. Quit telling the DPI to get a new site. We (HRO, Cross, et al.) don't have many advantages in Illinois, but this appears to be one of them. Keep the DPI in the dark ages technology-wise. Thank you very much.



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