The Terminal

Am I the only nerd who gets a big grin on his face when he hears "End of the Line" by the Traveling Wilbury's during the commercial for "The Terminal" with Tom Hanks.

For those of you guys who don't know about the Wilbury's, I would check them out. Volume One is amazing and Volume Three ain't bad either.

Some people call "Full Moon Fever" by Tom Petty Volume Two.

They're such a power. Put on Side Two of Volume One and it is pure heaven. These guys were such giants solo, but put together, they're amazing. I was never a big Jeff Lynn guy....

you know....
Don't bring me dooooowwwwnnnn, Brrrrruce.
Don't bring me dooooowwwwnnnn, Brrrrruce.
The ELO stuff never did it for me, but I became a beliver when those 90's Beatles stuff came out. You know, "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love".

Listen to those, and then put on a Wilbury's record, and you can tell that Jeff really held his own in the TW sessions.

There's some cool stuff on this guys site. It's a bit elementary, but that's all that's out there.
"And the only studio that we could find available was Bob's. So we thought, Bobs got one, we'll just call him up." 
- George Harrison

You'd think that they'd put up a sweet site, now that George and Roy are dead. Re-release the catalog and make a bunch of dough.

I guess that's about enough about music for a bit. The boss' might have to meet to discuss the fact that this blog has:

1. Gassed up on Jack!
2. Had 3 posts on Chris' music interests
3. Actually has traffic on it, so they're about fed up with me

All the past 24 hours.


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