The Gospel According to Trippi

My co-contributor Lance Stevens pointed out some stuff to me yesterday. He was all a twitter with excitement over the DNC and the online resources at his fingertips.

He pointed out Chris Matthews Hardblogger and some of his contributors.

One of those contributors is none other than Mr. Joe Trippi. I've recently gotten to page 139 and 149 and someone's nametwice! (more on this later)

Anyway, Joe had some things to say about 'Market Demos' and trying to attract some youth's to the movement:
It’s all wrong. The key to this election will be young people, disaffected young people, young people who have never voted before- and I’ll be damned if I am going to come up with some cutesy name for them "like Sons and Daughters of Nascar Dad and Soccer Moms." Just shoot me!

What is remarkable about this election cycle is how for the first time in decades the younger generation of Americans is the most active and energized. How they communicate with each other, how they register, turn out and vote may well decide everything in November.

When it comes to reaching these and other non-party aligned disaffected voters… well, let's just say the power center in this election isn’t where most pundits think it is. It's shifting to some unlikely places:

Blogs. Those daily journals that millions of young people (and now most campaigns) post on the Internet are already playing a huge part in this year’s campaign. With readerships that most daily newspapers in this country would envy, bloggers like Instapundit, DailyKos, Atrios and Wonkette! have actually been credentialed for next week’s Democratic Convention in Boston. They are at the dynamic center of the political debate, giving disaffected voters an instantaneous way to speak their mind and talk back to the political establishment. No more “letters to the editor,” even by e-mail. Blogs happen in real time and politicians and pundits who ignore them do so at their own peril
So....we're on the right track...


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