We may know something about that.

The LA TIMES ponders what's hip and why?

I think that we may know a thing or two about being hip...at least according to Carol Marin:
Cross knows a lot about Metros and Retros. His district out in suburban Plainfield has plenty of both. His staff includes some very young, hip guys who know the Internet like the back of their hand. They, too, like Topinka, are recruiting a farm team, but by borrowing a page from the book of one-time presidential hopeful Howard Dean.

Go to JOINCROSS.com and you'll see what I mean. There, you can play the ''Take Back Illinois'' video game, a four-week contest moving electronic little people around a screen addressing issues like medical malpractice and education. The ultimate goal, of course, is to retake the Illinois House and Senate from the Democrats who now control it.
Wait until the Holiday party invites go out to the office--then we're really going to show our 'hip chops'. I think that some of the weiners in the offices head's are going to explode.


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