FCC Hasn't Been Calling

For what it's worth...this is the 3rd straight day that I haven't been **asked** to take anything down from the blog or **modify** anything either.

That's got to be some kinda record.

I love these session days. The 'bigs' have better stuff to do than surf over here to check up on me...either that....or....my stuff has just been really bland. Not sure.

On most days if you get over here by like 8:30ish you can see all the 'entries' in their 'unedited' state. By like 9 or 9:30 someones figured out that we shouldn't be 'saying that' on the Tom Cross Blog.

Ever see 'Fight Club'?

Who knows? Maybe I'll start inserting a bit of somethin' every once in a while.

Gotta keep the 'bigs' on their toes!

**UPDATE** 10:19 a.m.
The streak is over.  Sadly.  Or not.


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