Wilco Countdown--4 Days

It's coming pretty fast. 

I just burned AGIB for one of my mates who is heading to the show on Tuesday with us. He has YHF, but didn't get 'Ghost' because it's not 'out on vinyl' yet. The good news about that is that it's coming March 8th with 'new cover (not the infamous egg)'.

In other Wilco-related news, 'Golden Smog' is set to record a new record.
Attention all drummers: Golden Smog is getting ready to make another album. 
Actually, former ZuZu's Petals drummer Linda Pitmon -- who filled the Smog's ever-rotating drum slot at October's Rock for Karl show -- will likely play on the new CD alongside the usual suspects: Jeff Tweedy (Wilco), Dan Murphy (Soul Asylum) and Jayhawks past and present Gary Louris, Marc Perlman and Kraig Johnson. 
Manager Jake Walesch, who is Soul Asylum's point man, says the Smog plans to record in Spain in March. The fact that the gang is going overseas to make the album suggests a record label is picking up the tab. Walesch said they will sign with Lost Highway, the Jayhawks' label. Rykodisc issued their last album, 1998's "Weird Tales." It has been too long in between.
If you haven't heard of 'em. Head on over to Itunes and download 'Pecan Pie' or 'Won't be coming Home'. They're too good to be missed.

Oh, yeah.....for those of you 'vinyl guys' out there....signing with 'Lost Highway' means that it'll get put out on wax. It will be hard to find, but doable--which is nice.


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