Flirting with the Jakester

Nat started a new job with the American Red Cross a few months back. She's in charge of events in Chicago and she's really into it. I mean 'TPS Reports'-into it and 'proximity card'-into it.

Tonight it all pays off with her first event. She's worked really hard on it and its bound to be a success. Metromix covered it, too, which is nice.
Flirting for Disaster
The Kerryman
661 N. Clark St. 
Dangerously attractive 
We know, fellas: When you sport the fitted jeans and vintage shirt, the bar-ometer goes into overdrive. Flash your hazards at other young professional singles at The American Red Cross Auxiliary Board's Flirting for Disaster networking party. Includes Corzo tequila sippers, apps and raffle prizes, plus $3 cosmos and $2 beers.

Dec. 1: 5:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.

Price: $20-$25. Proceeds benefit the American Red Cross of Greater Chicago
If you have no plans tonight, make sure you get there. I have to go to theVillage's Tree lighting ceremony, so I won't be there 'til late if at all. I wish I could go. Maisy and I are really proud of her.


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