First Impressions: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the Nintendo Wii

wii_tigerwoods07.jpgA few nights ago, Natalie and I took it all in at the Orland Park Costco. In addition to buying a HUGE jar of Giardinara, enough yogurt to feed a football team, and of course, a $1.50 polish sausage/Diet Coke combo, I also picked up Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007 for the Nintendo Wii. I've toyed with it in just about all of my free time the past few days. My first impressions: great extension of the core Wii Sports golf game. In playing all of the Wii Sports games, I found both bowling and golf the most fun games to play. That's largely due to the ability to go through the entire range of gameplay in both bowling and golf. Baseball would be great if you could run the bases, throw people out, and manage the game and boxing, well boxing is just too much work, frankly.

Tiger Woods 2007 PGA Tour brings all of that (the good stuff) to golf. You can create a player (which I already did), get him his tour card, upgrade his skills, and go head-to-head with the PGA's best. My arm hurts from swinging the controller so much already and I look forward to tuning up my game. While this is great, I can't wait for future releases of various baseball games where I can fully participate with the wiimote and help my White Sox chase down the Pennant.

Just like real golf, I can't quite break par, but I have had a hole in one, an Eagle and a few other great shots that keep me coming back for more.


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