Smelt Fishing 2007

Continuing our annual tradition, Matt Pawlak rounded up our crew and others and we headed out to Montrose Harbor last Friday night for Smelt Fishing. We were right in the sweet spot of the smelting season, but, much like last year, our efforts didn't produce a heckuva lot of smelt. In fact, this year, we caught exactly ZERO smelt. Didn't matter that much as we were thinking ahead and brought a bunch of the suckers from Jewel! Libations were plentiful and the burn bucket kept us warm all night. Thanks to Tom Cactus Vlach for bringing the gear, Matt for much of the logistics, and Dan Fetterer for logging the most miles (NYC to Chicago!) to make it out to Montrose Harbor. Even though we came up largely empty on the fish front this year, make no mistake: we'll be back at it in April of 2008.

Here's a few pictures:

Matt Pawlak and Tom Cactus. The question of the night? Where's Rob?

The Dauphinais Brothers and Mark Kwilosz stay warm by the burn bucket.

Neil McAllister brought out the beard and the coolest hat of the night.

Matt pulls up the net. Everyone is equally disappointed. Something's wrong with the smelt. Maybe Al Gore is right?!?

The entire set of pics can be seen here.


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