Carving our Name in...Well....Really Hard Wood

This Christmas, we received this carving from (bare with me....this is a long description!) Nat's sister Elise's (at that time) boyfriend Bill. I say "at that time" because....wait for it.....THEY'RE NOW ENGAGED!

Back to the sign. Bill told us about this piece of art/wood back near our wedding and showed us what it was going to look like. He's a artist in lots of ways - one of them wood. He really outdid himself - the piece turned out gorgeous and fits so well into the look of our home. Our house is bungalow and has some craftsman elements. I'm not totally sure what tools he used, but this isn't his first wood-working project, so I know he has a wide range of equipment at his disposal. It is made on Brazilian Cherry wood - which he said was extraordinarily strong and made it difficult to carve. Bill is quite a skilled craftsman, eh? Rumor has it his wood-working skills played a role in the engagement process, too!

2008 was such a meaningful year for us: We got married and bought our first house. The sign Bill made works on both levels. Nat and I are currently discussing where it should go - but we both know it needs to be up near the front door entrance for all to see. Thanks, Bill!


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