My Favorite (Holiday) Things - 2009

Before the holiday season gets pushed too far away from my memory, I thought that I'd share with you (and with the future me in 10 months) what I enjoyed since November. This year was a pivotal Christmas season - one of many firsts.

First Christmas morning together (alone!)
First Christmas in our own house (not a Condo or parents house!)
First Christmas with our new babe
First New Years that we went out at 5 pm and were home by 10 pm
First batch of vanilla extract (more on this in another post)
First time decorating our house (inside and out!)
First time shopping for our own child
...and more!

Without further delay, here's my list.

Tammen Tree Farm. Although they keep raising their prices, there's no finer place to buy a tree in the area. I have tagged along with the entire Moran clan for the past 5 years.

Paper Source Embosser. I'm a fan of correspondence cards. They can be thank you's, congrats, regrets, anything. Nat bought me an embosser and I now have 'professional' looking cards every day.

Gene Autry Christmas, Bob Dylan's "Christmas in the Heart" Album, and Sirius Holiday Traditions Station. Sirius promotes "Holly" - which is Channel 3 during the holidays, but it has way too much rubbish on it. (N*Synch and such). The real gem is Sirius Holiday Traditions. Barely any repeats and they turned me onto this baby: Dominick the Italian Christmas Donkey!

As for Mr. Dylan. is what is is, but I like it. Especially this.

Portable North Pole & Norad Santa. My sister Vic turned me on to the Portable North Pole. If you are a parent, go check it out for next year. Pretty cool customized video. I'm a believer!

Peppermint Joe-Joe's. The chocolate dipped ones are even better than the originals. have to move fast - they sell out all the time. I know I'm supposed to like home-made/house-made cookies best, but these are hard to compete with. (although my mother-in-laws cranberry/white chocolate cookies from Nigella Lawson are pretty good!)

Maple Leaf Cookies from Trader Joe's. Not really holiday-specific, but filled a niche really nicely between Thanksgiving and well....December 1. These didn't last long in our pantry.

The DuPage Model Train Show. Nothing makes me think of Christmas more than Lionel Trains. This has become a bit of a tradition with me and my dad.

Dean Thorsen Photography. We have treasured holiday memories for the rest of our lifetime because of him and his work. How can you not love these?


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