Nice Lights

Whilst in the throws of our first winter in our house, I'm taking time to notice some of the small design touches that Nat help make when we put the place together. The construction process was soooo long and frankly....frustrating, that I forgot how many decisions needed to be made.

Cabin fever can make you introspective, I suppose.

One of those decisions (or many of those decisions) were light fixtures. I had focused mostly on the 'bones' of the construction - all the rough plumbing, electric, insulation, location of walls, windows, doors, etc. And, Nat was able to focus on some of the other finishing touches like the color/type of the sinks, cabinets, and most notably fixtures.

One of the nicer ones she picked out is below (I actually like ALL of the lights she picked and she HATES every one of the ones I picked). You hardly notice it, but when I take the time to pay attention, I can enjoy the details. It fits well with the rest of the house, fits well with the task (lighting the area at the bottom of the stairs) and fits well with Nat's design aesthetic.

It throws off a really nice light (even though it has a CFL bulb) and the pattern stamped into the base is quite pretty and detailed. It is a schoolhouse-styled light that you'd see in bungalows of (about) our vintage - 1910's-1920's.

I'd tell you what it was called, but I don't see it on the Rejuvenation site any longer but it was in this category when we purchased it.


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