Parrillo Family Lexicon: The Lazy Lad

A new term was coined in our family recently.  Everyone should update their files as we add this one to the Parrillo Family Lexicon:  The Lazy Lad.

A few weeks back the entire family gathered at my folks house for Christmas festivities.  Having had the babe a week prior, we scouted out some space to scurry to when Nat needed to feed her.  We quickly spotted a nice chair up in my folks bedroom.  We set up camp.

A few hours into the evening, after coming down from one of her numerous trips up there, Nat sat down on the counch and began to sang the praises of a the chair she was using.  As she described it, "it is really comfy but a really nice size.  Kinda like a small lazy-boy" the my brother-in-law Shaun (the part-time comedian) was listening and chimed in.

He said slyly:  " must mean the Lazy Lad?"

Both Nat and I responded:  "Is that what it's called?"

Shaun:  "Heh.  I don't think so...but it would be a heckuva name for one, wouldn't it?"

We all got a good chuckle out out of Shaun's joke - and even he thought it was a funny name and laughed along at his own joke.  (which isn't uncommon in our family.)

The really funny part for me?  We're trying to barter with my folks to get the Lazy Lad to come live with us in Elmhurst!  Had no idea Nat liked the chair so much.

Lazy Lad
1.  A small brown chair in Noonie and Papa's bedroom
2.  A small boy from the countryside who didn't like working
Origin:  S. Coyle, derived from Lazy Boy.


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