Under the Sink Composting

Last summer, Nat and I made the decision to start to compost as much material as we could (actually...I made the decision and Nat said:  "I think it is a fine idea, but it is going to be a lot of work FOR YOU.")  We had a moderately successful first year as backyard gardeners and we'd been "container gardeners" prior to that, but composting was going to be a big step up.

It required a bin in the yard.  Sure, we could have just strung up some chicken wire and turned the pile occassionally, but I wanted something that was closed, sealed, and spun on an axle.   Maybe it was a rookie mistake, but we bought a relatively cheap one and began - late in the season to fill it.

We weren't too knowledgeable about composting, but I understood the basics.  One of the issues I wasn't aware of is that composting - at its best - is a 'batch' process.  One should fill the bin with the right mix of 'browns' and 'greens' and then turn that sucker regularly for weeks until you get your "Black Gold".

After learning of this, I quickly realized that I probably need 2 of these bins.  Maybe next year.

Now...where was I.  Oh yeah....about to tell you about our "under our sink" composting.   I'll get to the outdoor bins and our first batch of compost later.

After the first few weeks of carrying our 'scraps' out the back door, past the deck, down the stairs across the lawn to the bin, we quickly realized that if were going to be serious about keeping as much of our waste out of the garbage bin, we had to come up with another solution.

We remembered that the Crate & Barrel outlet in Naperville carried stainless mini garbage cans.  We went out there on one of our (many) trips and picked one up.  For twelve bucks we had our 'under the sink' solution.

Thus far it has worked perfectly.  The only downside is that it is (as the name implies): under the sink.  Occasionally we'll forget it is there and throw something away or down the disposal.

She's currently stuffed to the gills with Clementine peels.  Once we get this first batch out of the bin this spring, we'll, hopefully, have it figured out.


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