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I don't have to tell you guys this, but blogging tends to be habit forming.  You get in the habit of posting and guess what:  you post.  But as soon as you fall out of the habit of posting regularly (or at some interval), it is VEEEERRRRRRY easy to fall out the habit of posting to your blog.

With the feedback loop on blogging very small (what with feeds, twitter and comments), it is that crucial feedback that might help keep a (this) blogger motivated.

After posting every day this year, I thought I'd share some of the feedback I've received from friends (THESE ARE FRIENDS!!)

0:59 AM (NAME REDACTED): what's with your blog?
  why am I suddenly getting your emails again?

11:00 AM (NAME REDACTED):  and what's with some of these posts?

11:09 AM (NAME REDACTED):  are you writing for Oprah's magazine or something?  What's with this new writing style?

How reassuring to know that my posts are connecting at such a high level intellectually with the people who know me well, I can't wait to write tomorrow!  Keep the feedback coming.


  1. surprisingly, we haven't seen any witty slams against Illinois Democrats in this new and improved version of the Jakeblog.

  2. kinda funny how distance from my time in gov't makes me a lot less interested in writing about it.

  3. I think Matt secretly misses "Lunatic Fringe" Jake. Is this change I can believe in?

  4. Jake, I read your blog each time see your Twitter link. I'm enjoying it immensely. Keep 'em coming!


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