25th Anniversary of Back to the Future

25 years?!?  Back to the Future came out 25 years ago?  Apparently so.
To celebrate, some high school friends and I are getting together at the Hollywood Palms Theatre in Naperville this Saturday to sit down with the original Jennifer Parker (Claudia Wells), Lorraine McFly (Lea Thompson), Dr. Emmit Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and Principal Strickland (James Tolkan).

As my friends Matt and Steve pointed out:  There's nothing like a bunch of 30 year old dudes getting geeked up for the original Jennifer - not Elisabeth Shue from #2 and #2.

Nat is, embarrassingly, a BIGGER BTTF fan than I am, so she's tagging along.  We've bought tickets to the 6 pm show and we'll probably get there early.  Join us, please.  We'll be able to "Save the Clocktower" on the the big screen!  The event's proceeds go to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.


  1. This has made me question my decision to leave Illinois. So. Jealous. You're going to be in a room with Lea Thompson?


  2. @Rick Klau - This is right in your old backyard. Right down Route 59!


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