3 Things Always in The Fridge

We're subscribers to the print edition of "bon appetit" magazine.  I know....blame Nat and I for the demise of Gourmet!  Anyway, I don't love the magazine.  Sometimes I find something in there worth clipping, but most of the time not.  One of the features I do enjoy, however, is the section inside the back cover called "FEEDBACK".  They interview a famous (or relatively) famous person about their food peccadilloes and passions.  

The questions change depending on who's being interviewed (this month is Stanley Tucci), but one question seems to be in there every month:  Name three things that are always in your refrigerator.

I can do mine: giardiniera, peanut butter (yes!  We keep our pb in the fridge and I'm kinda partial to this 'flaxseed pb' from TJ's at right), and "Special Blend" dry Parm/Romano blend from Caputo's Market.   

Now..it is your turn to share with me in the comments.  Only rule:  your items can't include Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. 


  1. Always in the fridge:

    TJ's Red Curry sauce: you're just a pot of rice away from great Thai food at any given time.

    some sort of natural peanut butter: I prefer the natural kind.

    baby carrots: always snackable

  2. Budweiser, Milk, Diet Coke. Hey...I'm a guy living by himself!

  3. 1. Grapefruit or orange juice; 2. Fage 2% Greek yogurts; and 3. Head of lettuce!


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