36" Black and Decker Accu-Mark Level with Gecko Grip: Perfect for Hanging Pictures

I mentioned earlier in the year that we received a really nice wood carving for our home from my future-brother-in-law Bill as a Christmas/Wedding present.  Since December 25th, it has had a nice home leaning against the wall on top of our piano.  Nat was getting tired of it not being hung.  I was getting tired of not being hung.  The issue was that on the back, Bill had sunk in two fixed heavy-duty hangers.  The type that you have to put two screws in the wall then try to "hit" the hole on the back.  There wasn't a wire to hang this thing from, so I first considered stringing one of those.

Nat's folks were over this weekend and I mentioned to them that I thought that's how I was going to hang it.  However, her mother reminded me that they bought me a level for Christmas last year (2008) that was made for this task:  The 36" Black and Decker Accu-Mark Level with Gecko Grip!

The level is, indeed, made for hanging things on the wall.  First, it has this grip (they call it "Gecko Grip" on each outer edge.  That makes this a "one handed" tool.  While you're marking the holes with your pencil, you can hold the thing with the other hand perfectly still.  And...about those holes?  Lining them is easy with these little sliders.  You lay the level on the back of the frame/object and line up the sliders with the holes.  Then you put the level on the wall where you want it and transcribe the holes onto the wall.  Viola!  Perfect distance apart.

We have quite a few more things that need hanging, but I can't move too fast less Nat will know how easy these have become!  Besides, we're waiting for the mantles to be finished before we make any more decisions on what goes where permanently.  I want to bask in the glory of getting this hung for a bit.

For those Ladies reading this...if you have a bunch of photos or paintings or what not just leaning up against your walls because your husband put off hanging them, BUY THIS LEVEL NOW.  He'll have no more excuses because this thing makes it soooo easy.


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