Burnt Ends - Where Have You Been my Entire Life

Nat, the babe, and I just got back from a "Tour de Missouri" including stops in St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City.  We spent a good part of the weekend with Nat's college roomate in Kansas City.  (They actually live in Kansas, but a "Tour de Missouri and Kansas" didn't have the same cachet.)

My only goal during the time in Kansas City was bbq.  I had a meeting "downtown" during the day on Friday, so I was on my own for lunch.  I stopped at a place I had been before:  Gates Bar-B-Q.  They do the whole "Hi, may I help you" thing and they have a particularly confusing method of ordering/paying/picking up your chow.  Being a rookie, I think I looked lost.  A nice lady with gold teeth behind me in line told me what to do and what to order.  Her recommendation:  "Burnt ends on bun, but on bread".  That's what I ordered.

They were tasty.  Turns, out burnt ends are, for the most part, brisket.

Later that night, our friends took us to JackStack Barbeque - which is called the "Tiffany's of BBQ" by some.  Where Gates was all up-in-your-face smokehouse, Jackstack was more restaurant who happened to serve bbq.  I think I like the Gates approach better, but our hosts pointed out that there is a difference between "lunch bbq" and "supper bbq".

At JackStack, I ordered a combo that included ribs, burnt ends and cheesy corn bake - something akin to mac and cheese but more like corn and cheese.  The burnt ends at JackStack were decidedly more upscale.  The chunks were MUCH larger and not as grizzly.  They were good, but having had the lower-class burnt ends at Gates served with 2 slices of white bread had me a bit disappointed with JackStack.  Glad we went, but I don't have to go back.


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