Cracker Jack Prizes: They Stink

Up in Michigan there were a few boxes of Cracker Jack in the pantry.  Like most things up there (and I presume the case is much the same at most people's lake houses), I have NO idea how old it is.  Could be a few months.  Could be a few years.

It's just popcorn, carmel and nuts, right?  How bad could it be.  I cracked it open and it was - much to my displeasure - pretty stale.  Before I threw it away, I dumped the rest of it out to see what the prize was.
I don't remember what Cracker Jack prizes were when I was a kid, but I have to think they were better than this.
A friggin' Minnesota Twins sticker?  Seriously?  What kid is going to be into that?  Not even a Twins fan.

Cracker Jack:  Who you crappin?


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