Cute Lou Malnati's Menu

UPDATE:  If you are looking for the recipe I talked about in this post, you can find it here:  Lou Malnati's Salad Dressing Recipe.


I was in our local Lou Malnati's picking up a pie a few nights ago waiting around - ours wasn't 'quite ready'.  I started to read the old framed news article and caught a few cute things.  First, the Chicago Tribune published their salad dressing recipe back in the late 60's.  I took a photo and I'll give it a shot at some point.  Of course, I'll share the results here on the blog.

The other item of note was this menu.  How cute is this thing?  It is the original from the day they opened.  A cheese pie.  Sausage and cheese pie.  A few sang-wiches.  And some wine by from the barrel.   Just a single-sided page with 3 columns.  Very simple and straight-forward - unlike today's Lou's menu.   Like a lot of you guys, I've had a secret desire (NEVER TO BE ACTED ON) to open a restaurant.  I think I'd copy this menu if I did.

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