Follow Along on Google Buzz

The web is full of interesting things - probably infinitely more interesting than my posts here.  To get a full sense of what catches my eye across the web, you can now follow me on Google Buzz here.  There's a lot in there including my Twitter account, my shared items from Google Reader, my Picasa photos, YouTube videos and more.

I've also put up a link to my Buzz page on the top right - and included a nifty little image that someone was nice enough to make and set free out on the web.

Sure I'm biased, but I think there's something worth investing some time in with it.  I live most of my life in the Google Cloud, and this seems to have quite an ambitious road map around Google services.  For me it is a nice fit.  Maybe it will be for you, too?

Would love to see you over on Buzz.


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