Garage - Stage 1: Dreaming

We've decided to move on to building a garage this summer.  Yeah...our house DOES NOT HAVE ONE.  Somehow, when we bought the house, there were so many glaring issues/problems that the fact that there wasn't a garage didn't seem like that big of a deal.  When ceilings in a few rooms are falling in, I suppose the lack of a garage doesn't jump out at you as a huge issue.

Now that we've remedied **most** of the issues in the house, my thoughts turn outdoors.  This was our first winter in the house and getting in cold icy cars every morning isn't fun, so a garage it shall be!

Both Equation Boy/Man and I are going through the process together (they need a garage, too!), and our garages are going to be fairly similar, but with some minor modifications.  They have a driveway from the front of their house, whereas we'll use the alley.   They have a wider lot than us. They want some dormers to make it pretty, I want height to protect the yard from the sun.  (I'll show you when it is built what I mean.)

Currently we're waiting on the architect to finish up his drawings, then we'll be a bit closer to submitting for permits.  I kept trying to envision what the garage will look like when we were sitting in the babe's doctor's office in Elmhurst and out the window I saw what I think is almost a twin the garage I want to build:
Just a dead simple 21' tall 3 car garage.  Eventually, (if we're still here in 5 years) we'll blow the sides out with dormers and make it a manspace up there.  Just like with the fireplaces, I'll keep you posted on the progress of the garage.  Hopefully it will go FASTER than the fireplaces!


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