Goodbye to One of the Last Remnants of my Bachelorhood

Yesterday, we closed on the sale of my condo in Frankfort.  Bittersweet day.  While I'm thrilled to have sold the property during these difficult times in the real estate world, it is sad to close a chapter on my life.  I bought the place in 2003 right after my election to the Village Board.  It was my "first place".  I bought pre-construction and picked out all of the finishes.  I loved that place.  Loved everything about it.  It was "above" a series of commercial stores.  There was an italian restaurant, a bar, a hair salon, a bank, and a Greek breakfast restaurant.  The Village really stepped out when they (we) approved it.

After we got married, we moved out.  We had a few false starts with buyers who couldn't close because of mortgage issues, so we ended up renting it for a year plus.  After the babe was on her way, I decided that I wasn't interested in being a landlord any longer.  Couldn't deal with the issues.  Didn't want the stress.

Off it went - for a great price.  Hopefully the new buyer will love the place as much as I did.  I'm biased, but there isn't a better place for a single dude to live in the southwest suburbs.  

A lot of things changed in my life while I lived in this place.  I met Nat, we got Maisy, I was elected twice to the Village Board.  Lots of good times, but the sale just reinforces the notion that time marches on.  

Looking back at my "bachelorhood" and my life in Frankfort is fun, but with all the changes in my life - most notably - the arrival of the babe, I'd rather be looking forward.


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