If You're Not Watching Craig Ferguson...

You're really missing some good comedy.  Seriously.

Nat and I don't stay up that late very often, but when I do, I always go to bed with my belly hurting from laughing so much.  Most of the times, like last night, I catch him on Fridays.

Some say that "he's the best thing to happen to late night tv since Carson."  He doesn't seem to get too much credit for having a great show, but much like Conan was on Late Night, I suspect he has a very loyal following who hangs on his every show.

Craig's show is a bit different than Letterman/Leno/Conan.  He does bits just like them, but the biggest difference is in how the show opens.  He does a long monologue.  Like a REALLY long monologue compared to Jay and Dave.   I never noticed it until a friend (who also works in late night tv) mentioned to it, but indeed, he was right:  sometimes the monologue goes past the 30 minute mark and is broken up with commercials.  In fact, he can carry the entire show by himself without guests and I wouldn't mind it one bit.  That's probably because the typical guests are pretty bad.  On more than one occasion, I had never heard of the guest before their appearance.  Another notable thing about the monologue is how "close" he is to the camera.  It is a bit jarring at first, but quite endearing after seeing it for a bit.

He's also the first host "since Carson" who dresses up.  Again, I never noticed it, but the friend (the same one!) who turned me on to Ferguson mentioned that it was notable.

But...don't take my word for it.  Take 9 minutes of your life and enjoy this.

It's a great day for America!


  1. you're right! i think he's the best talk show host. better than conan or jay or letterman. it may be the scottish accent, it may be his cute personality, it may be when he laughs at himself, or maybe his sarcasm. but he has a lot of charm, and i hope he takes over the late show someday


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